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Møller, Lise
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Tønning, K., Pedersen, E., Drøjdahl Lomholt, A., Malmgren-Hansen, B., Woin, P., Møller, L. & Bernth, N. (2008). Kortlægning og afgivelse samt sundhedsmæssig vurdering af kemiske stoffer i babyprodukter. Miljøstyrelsen/Danish Ministry for Environment
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2008 (dansk)Rapport (Annet (populærvitenskap, debatt, mm))
Abstract [en]

Several baby products are intended to more or less to get in direct contact with baby skin or be in close contact to the skin. Moistening in the form of water, saliva, sweat or urine may cause that substances contained in the products, which can be released to these liquids, may get into contact with the skin or mouth of the baby. Besides uptake of chemical substances through the skin and from the baby sucking on the material exposure may also take place by inhaling of gasses slowly released/evaporating from the baby product of dusty particles and fibres released during use. The products included in the examination are primarily baby products intended for at children at the age of 0 to 1 year. Baby products have been deliberately selected that based on information from retailers are sold to a reasonable extent. The project primarily concerned products of textile or plastic with an upholstery or padding. In addition also baby products of flexible foam material were included. Baby clothing, bed linen (bolster case), shaped plastic objects (bath tubs, chamber pots, comforters, and baby plates), baby cutlery, and toys, wooden beds (cots) and baby care agents/remedies were not included in the project.

sted, utgiver, år, opplag, sider
Miljøstyrelsen/Danish Ministry for Environment, 2008. s. 98
Kortlægning af kemiske stoffer i forbrugerprodukter ; Nr 90
baby products, chemical analyses, risk assessment, health assessment, Hexabromocyclo-dodecane (HBCD), Toluene 2, 4-diisocyanate (TDI), 2-Ethylhexanoic acid (2-EHA), Acetophenone, 1, 1, 2, 2-Tetrachloroethane, Formaldehyde, Styrene, 2-Bromo-4, 6-dinitroaniline (BDNA), Hexaethylene glycol dimethyl ether, Tetrapropylene glycol monomethyl ether
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urn:nbn:se:hh:diva-1425 (URN)2082/1805 (Lokal ID)2082/1805 (Arkivnummer)2082/1805 (OAI)
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